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Stir It Up Collective is a social enterprise founded by Laura Wilcox in 2020

As someone who has experienced sexual violence and knows the healing that is possible, Laura Wilcox founded the Stir It Up Collective after she witnessed first-hand the efforts of a Romanian group that supported women who were sexually exploited by providing a safe living space, and employment. She became more aware of the prevalence of trafficking in Lanark County and the area, including a loved one who was victimized. “It could have happened to me,” Laura said.

She has brought together dedicated volunteers who are working to establish a non-profit enterprise that will offer programs to foster recovery for women who have been sexually exploited.

It almost happened to me."

Why coffee?

We believe that coffee brings people together. Coffee shops connect people with their community. Coffee is a source of comfort for some, and a motivator for others. No matter how you feel, drinking a nice, hot cup of coffee is sure to improve your mood! This is what we had in mind when choosing to partner with Equator Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop that has focused from the start on helping their community and society. We are proud to partner with this inspirational local business!

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Our Programs

Supporting recovery from sex trafficking through healing, skills development, employment opportunities, and fostering connections to community.